Alieu Jaiteh – Founder , Start Now Gambia

Today in the Gambia, as never before, blind people are leading normal productive lives. There are many reasons… but one of the most important is the role that blind people are now playing in changing their own destiny. Through self-organization and preparation in Start Now, the organization is changing the course from traditional custodial approaches to innovative and exciting ones which stress self-sufficiency and independence. Start Now is one of the leaders in these new programs within the Gambia and other African countries.

Start Now is committed to a strong, positive, constructive philosophy concerning blindness.  Based upon the personal experience of thousands of blind persons. Start Now believes that given proper training and opportunity, blind people can compete effectively and on terms of equality with their sighted counterparts in higher learning, employment, in their communities, in their families, and society in general.

 Established in 2012 by a blind person, as a non-profit organization and training provider, managed primarily by highly qualified blind professionals, Start Now provides an innovative orientation, computer literacy and rehabilitation training program, and most importantly, a positive philosophy about blindness.