Alieu standing at Start Now gateEstablished in 2012, Start Now has pioneered many innovative services for visually impaired in the Gambia.

As a center of technology and rehabilitation for blind and partially sighted, Start Now provides an innovative orientation, computer literacy and rehabilitation training program, and most important, a positive philosophy about blindness. Start Now has embarked on many innovative services for the visually impaired. We have train over sixty people, visually impaired, to learn the skills of independence in their homes, class-settings, and in their work places. Our services for the blind include preparing visually impaired high school graduates for higher education, vocational and transition programs, assistive technology training, educational support, and recreation opportunities. Start Now has provided help for many blind persons in the Gambia with diverse opportunities for success and independent living.

As a center of technology, we want to enable access, promote and deliver technological solutions, collaborate with the vision loss community, to provide training to build self-confidence and independence. By removing technological and attitudinal barriers that prevent people with vision loss from fully participating in all aspects of society, we are leveling the playing field and creating strong advocacy to promote inclusive society that values all of our abilities.

Mission Statement

Start Now’s mission is to empower and train blind and partially sighted high school graduates and adults with computer skills and rehabilitation techniques as a preparation for higher education and employment.

We belief that given proper training and opportunity, blind people can compete effectively and on terms of equality with their sighted counterparts in higher learning, employment, in their communities, in their families, and society in general.