Vision statement:

The vision of Start Now is that the Gambia and Africa will be wide known for a high percentage of visually impaired people enrolling in higher education and various qualified jobs.

Mission statement:

To empower blind and partially sighted high school graduates and adolescents by providing a quality computer and rehabilitation training as a preparation for higher education and employment.



  1. To open up new opportunities for the visually impaired by preparing blind high school graduates for higher education and employment.
  2. To promote equal rights and responsibilities of visually impaired people in general.
  3. To create awareness by talking publicly about success stories and challenges of visually impaired people in the Gambia and Africa at large.
  4. To request the Ministry of education and donor partners to assist in establishing the preparatory training center.
  5. To collaborate with the ministry of education in order to ease integration of blind and partially sighted students into higher education
  6. To network with the private and public sectors to increase chances of employment for the visually impaired through internship.
  7. To network with interested individuals, specialized nongovernmental organizations and Kanthari graduates within the Gambia, in Africa and all around the world in order to work on the mutual aim to empower people with disabilities
  8. To open the course to interested blind students within Africa.