Why Start now?

Why Start now?

Start now is founded by Alieu Jaiteh. He is a Gambian by nationality.

Alieu is a visually impaired who have the passion and the dream to create a social change. His vision is that, the Gambia and Africa will be wide known for a high percentage of visually impaired people enrolling in higher education and various qualified jobs.

When he was in High School, he always dream to become an accountant. But in the Gambia there are usually two main options for people who are visually impaired, being a teacher or a beggar. When he completed his high school in June 2003, he was unable to further accounting due to lack of special training and motivation. He later choose to study teaching at the Gambia College. Upon completion of his teaching course, he was employed and posted by the Government to the only school for the blind. This "pinched him so hard that he came up with the idea to start an intensive training program in which blind high school graduates and adolescents in the Gambia are prepared for higher education, so that they are able to become politicians, lawyers, psychologists, managers, entrepreneurs and accountants.

kanthari www.kanthari.org) in the south of India gave him the chance to see the opportunity behind this dream, and it became a reality that has led to the establishment of start now!

Upon his return from the eleven months leadership training from kanthari in December 2011, Start Now was established in 2012 as a non-profit organization and a training provider for blind high school graduates in the Gambia and Africa at large.